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Lois & Clark

Lois & Clark: C. J. Cherryh, July 6—14, 2014
My rating: ♦♦◊◊◊

Lois&ClarkLois & Clark is an adaption of the 1993-1997 American TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of a Superman, with Teri Hatchet and Dean Cain in the respective lead roles. Set sometime between seasons three and four, the titular characters are engaged with Lois in full knowledge of Clark’s alterego, while arch villain Lex Luthor is in jail.
Cherryh picks up Lois’s voice very well, as well as Clark’s, Perry’s and especially Lex. Superman is less recognisable. He does a lot of shouting orders which isn’t in his TV nature. We must remember this is a treatment of the Warner Bros. series specifically.
Some of the show’s nuances are also well translated, such as the billowing of Lois’s curtains; an iconic image. Cherryh respects the series continuity and tips her hat to a few previous storylines.
Strangely, there is no villain to speak of for almost the entirety of the book. Lois saves a kid from a collapsed hotel and wants to know why it collapsed, with most of her woes coming from her cut knuckles or the enthusiastic press pack. Superman, meanwhile, isn’t even there. He’s off dealing with a dam and a Granny in Russia in what are truly mind numbing sequences.
Coupling the lack of villain (i.e. threat or indeed plot), Lois and Clark are constantly reflecting in pages-long introspective mental monologues that often rehash the same old ground. It makes for very slow, very dull reading.
Russian rivers aside, Superman has little to do with this story. Lois and Clark have few scenes together. Nothing much happens for most of it, while we listen to the same boring drivel again and again. If books were rocks, this one would be Kryptonite.

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